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When we think about shirts we often make the mistake of considering them an exclusive garment of the  men's fashion. There’s nothing more wrong. Used since the Middle Ages as underwear, the women's shirts dress had a parallel evolution to that of the man, becoming in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries an essential garment of the women wear. Worn predominantly in a white colour, this shirt for women was made in light tissues and usually long until the feet.

Although contemporary fashion is today to create clothes with similar shapes and types, reaching the unisex garment, the women's shirt looks like a dynamic and versatile garment. Less rigid than the man’s ones, the shirts for women aim to shape on the female body with sinuous and delicate shapes.

Brave and refined, the women’s shirt Venezia of the 7camice collection is characterized by a large, loose collar with a double ruffle and well defined hems. Ideal for both formal occasions and business meetings, and for an evening in the company of friends; this garment in poplin fabric can be combined to both a skirt and a pair of long trousers.

With a more classic style and a more elaborated design, the Giulietta shirt of the 7camicie collection is an always fashionable and essential garment. The modern Italian collar with one button gives a fashionable style and a sporty look while the precious tissue in satin, smooth and shiny, gives a unique smoothness and strength.

Be tempted by the several models, colours and patterns, the women’s shirts give the modern woman a pleasant and refined look. With a long pair of trousers, jeans, shorts or a pencil skirt, the shirt is an essential garment that must be present in the wardrobe of the modern woman, attentive to the care of her own style. In cotton, wool or satin, the shirts for women of the 7camicie collection can be worn in every period of the year always giving a unique image and an original outfit, that can express taste and personality.

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