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If in the past it was difficult to find a man who wore a short sleeves shirt, the current fashion has fully rehabilitated this garment. Adapting to different outfits, the short sleeves dress shirts are ideal during the summer season and perfect for the man who loves dressing in an informal way but who never renounces to the quality of his clothing. Worn inside or outside the trousers, the mens short sleeve shirt is an attractive garment, that must be present in the wardrobe of the modern man.

With a modern button-down collar with one button and rounded cuffs, the short sleeves shirt Leonardo of the 7camicie collection is perfect for the free time or for a day outdoors in the company of friends. The tissue in cotton ensures breathability and freshness for a multi-faceted garment made with a unique and innovative design.

As the Leonardo shirt, even the mens short sleeve shirt Donatello is made with a button-down collar. The smooth buttoning without any box pleat combined with a double collar leaf with a long and wide cut, give this garment exceptional characteristics. The careful attention to detail and to stitching ensures unparalleled strength and durability.

As a result of the best sartorial tradition, the short sleeve shirt revolutionized the traditional patterns of the modern dressing, by redefining canons and limits of the menswear. Worn with a pair of long trousers in fabric, of jeans or of Bermuda shorts, the short sleeve shirts well suit to the modern man who looks for a brave and original look.

Dressing with style is one of the keys to success and the short sleeves shirt is what you need for an intriguing look that never renounces to style and elegance. Gaudy shades or sober colours, solid colours or sought patterns, the proposal of summer shirts of the 7camicie collection will be able to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Strictly without any jacket or tie, this garment can also be worn over a t-shirt, buttoned or not, for a youthful look and in step with the times.

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