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Sometimes, by wearing a shirt, we experience a total and gratifying comfort, given by the particular type of tissue. But how to recognize it in order to distinguish it from the others?

7camicie offers every kind of tissues, to allow its customers a great freedom of choice.

A brief guide will allow you to orient among the several tissues proposed by 7camicie in order to have clearer ideas before making your purchase!

OXFORD TISSUE: strictly in pure cotton, the Oxford is one of the best tissues for shirts in the world, a must-to-have for the shirts for men by 7camicie.

The weave, made through the twist of thin coloured yarns in the warp and of thicker white yarns, makes the tissue recognizable at first glance, giving it the typical "polka-dotted" aspect.

Precisely for this peculiarity, the oxford tissue is mainly used in the production of casual and informal shirts, with a button-down collar and a chest pocket, perfect for the mid-seasons or for the winter period.

POPLIN TISSUE: a very thin compact and subtle tissue, among the finest on the market. The structure of the fabric is made with thinner warp threads and double in number than those of the weave, which generate a light horizontal lining. The stretch poplin tissue adds elasticity to the soft sheen of the tissue.

LINEN TISSUE: linen is the oldest textile fiber in the world. Lightweight, breathable and resistant like few others, the linen is the ideal tissue for the hot summer months, perfect for casual or informal occasions.

SATIN TISSUE: satin, commonly called satin too, is today one of the finest fabrics for producing shirts that do not go unnoticed by the shine for their shining, softness and pleasantness to the touch.

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