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Among the summer shirts, how is it possible not to reserve a special place for the Hawaiian shirts?

Colourful, exotic and fresh, they are the symbol of a summer characterized by relax and carefreeness.

But do you know that the history of the Hawaii shirt dates back to the first years of the twentieth century?

Well, a Japanese merchant who immigrated to Honolulu created the first floral shirt, also called "Aloha shirt", which obtained a great success among the island's inhabitants, the tourists and the surfers. Subsequently, the Hawaiian shirts got an incredible success thanks to the American Casual Friday, the custom according to which public and private companies let their employees free to wear the Hawaii shirt, which then became a symbol of informality and of freedom of expression. Famous characters such as Elvis Presley and American President Truman, by wearing Hawaiian shirts, gave them an unprecedented popularity, so that even today actors and celebrities from all over the world show off them with an impeccable and enviable look.

The Hawaii shirt, with its floral patterns and its brightly colours gives joy and originality to your wardrobe and combines perfectly with jeans, light and neutral-coloured trousers, but also with military green and grey. Perfect with sandals, boat shoes, colourful or plain sneakers.

Discover the 7camicie model Firenze to enter into the heart of the summer shirts and unleash the vitality of the Hawaiian shirts! A world of colours and unparalleled quality!

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