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The exceptional attention to detail and a unique tissue make the shirts of the  7camicie collection unique and inimitable. Adapting perfectly to the body type of the person who wears it, the stretch shirt eases down to the body of the man ensuring a fashion style and a unique fit.

Available in several models and patterns, the shirt in a stretch fabric Caravaggio is a garment that can offer an unprecedented sensorial experience. The precious poplin tissue ensures a brilliant hue and a unique lightness, while the Korean collar gives fancy and modernity to an exclusive garment.

The elastic tissues available in the collection are suitable for any occasion, from an evening in the company of friends to a day outdoors. The shirt in a stretch tissue is a garment suitable for a sporty and, at the same time, refined look.

For a tight fit that can exalts the silhouette, the 7camicie collection proposes the Napoli shirt. Designed as a remake of the French collar, the Neapolitan collar with a single collar leaf gives the garment made of a stretch tissues comfort and elegance. Perfect for a casual date, this stretch shirt can be easily combined with a pair of fabric trousers or of jeans and gives the man an attentive and seducing look.

Available in numerous models, patterns and colours, the poplin stretch tissue gives a unique fit and ensures maximum comfort, breathability and freedom of movement.

Suitable for both summer and winter, these shirts are a timeless garment, perfect for enhancing the physical appearance of the man. Worn together with a pair of chinos or shorts, the shirts in stretch tissues ensure a good breathability even in the hottest season, revealing to be a perfect garment for every occasion.


Taking care of our own style is a symptom of psychophysics wellness and the man who knows how to wear the right garment at the right moment communicates to his speakers a sense of elegance and sobriety.

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