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Made with a twill weave, the tissue of the flannel shirts is exceptionally warm and acts as a thermal insulator. Among its characteristics there is a strong resistance and softness that make it particularly suitable to be used on trousers, jackets and shirts. Flannel and wool are warm and versatile tissues, capable of some informal refinement too and of a cut for a clothing that is certainly casual.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the flannel shirt is the classic chequered or tartan pattern. Anyway, we present some examples of the 7camicie collection that preserve the quality of the tissue and, at the same time, offer a modern interpretation of the classical pattern juxtaposed to it.

Some garments, such as the 7camicie Leonardo flannel shirt with a button-down collar model with one-button and rounded cuffs with a single buttonhole and double button, are suitable for both a sporty style and for refined outfits. The model can be worn inside and outside the trousers and is particularly suitable in the free time and outdoors.

A jeans and a pullover can be easily adapted to the flannel shirts that, for an alternate outfit, offer great style, even if worn on a t-shirt. The Leonardo flannel shirt is also suitable for mid-seasons: a classic look that, combined with a pair of trousers, always guarantees a trendy look.

Matching and combining several styles is a fun for everyone and the flannel shirt, the queen of the casual and practical clothing, is always easily combinable with different garments to create original and versatile outfits.

The tissue, born in the seventeenth century in Scotland, soon became famous throughout Europe, spreading in the United States of America since the nineteenth century. The flannel was initially used at work and in geographical regions characterized by a quite cold climate. The 80s and 90s extended its popularity beyond the limits: the flannel shirt became a symbol of famous rock bands.

All the tissues of the shirts, flannel, wool or cotton, always hide a casual soul and a formal one. It is up to every man to pull out the perfect side for every occasion.

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