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Among the most precious tissues in the world, satin is characterized by an armature in which the warp and weft bindings are more sparse, making the tissue uniform and shiny. With a unique softness, its history is closely linked to the silk’s one, which for centuries has been fascinating the European courts. Used in the past for the décor too, satin is an exceptional tissue that still today doesn’t cease to fascinate and attract the man who is looking for a unique look. The satin shirts are one of the jewels of the 7camicie collection and are the result of tailoring tradition that makes the quality of the tissues their strength point.

The origin of the name comes from “shaving”, that is, making smooth, and the satin shirt keeps these characteristics even today.

The 7camicie model Firenze is an exceptional garment that can adapt even to the most demanding dress code. The French collar with one button is ideal to wear this satin shirt with a tie, while the cuffs with rounded edges are adaptable to precious cufflinks.

Among the satin shirts of the 7camicie collection, the Roma model is a sober and original garment that can give to the demanding man a contemporary look. The button-down collar gives the shirt a touch of originality, ensuring it maximum flexibility in combinations.

Ideal for a formal look, the shirts in a satin tissue are an essential garment in the wardrobe of the man who pays attention to his own image. Worn with an elegant suit, this shirt is suitable both for a working day  and  for a ceremony.

Available in many colours and patterns, these garments are also indicated for a casual and sporty look.

Dressing with style without never renouncing to elegance: these shirts with a complex and refined design represent a must have in the male wardrobe. Inside or outside the trousers, with a classic suit or a pair of casual trousers, the shirts in a satin tissue are the visiting card for an always refined look.

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