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Born from the USA inheritance born of the polo, worn by the polo players of the nineteenth century, it has become a real image of style and elegance thanks to the work of Ben Sherman.

The button-down shirt, initially only in cotton, radically changed the way of dressing, becoming with the passing of time an icon for all the generations that love the smart casual clothing.

It is also the collar that defines the style of the shirt and with respect to the button down, we usually divide the shirts in four different categories: standard, low, high, and high with two buttons.

The latest fashion trends are revealing the most elegant side of the button down shirts, making them suitable for more formal occasions.                                           

Its elegant soul shines through many garments: it this the case of the 7camicie Tiziano Shirt, which comes with a button-down collar stopped by a hidden button, that is able to guarantee a unique and impeccable style. Another example is represented by the 7camicie Bernini shirt, which boasts a double collar with a double sail and a reduced cut stopped by a visible button: a contemporary touch for an elegant and particular button down shirt.

We do not recommend the combination with suit and tie for a shirt that wants to look trendy and casual. Buttoned or unbuttoned depending on the style, versatile when combined with jeans both inside and outside the trousers.

Like any respectable model, also the button-down shirts vary their image when the colours and the tissues vary. Poplin, satin and cotton are some of the tissues that combined to blue, light blue or pink can help making this shirt a garment that must be present in our closet.

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