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A perfect evergreen for every occasion, the white shirt for men is indispensable for an always fashionable and perfectly impeccable look. The basis for the men’s fashion passes through here and a garment in this colour must be always present in your closet: it allows you to dress with care and elegance in both informal occasions and in professional situations or important ceremonies.

From the sportiest models to the formal proposals, white shirt means wearing a style icon suitable for every season: not only in the  summer but also in the autumn and in the winter, a non-colour that is amusing and trendy.

It is not certainly difficult to combine it with a jacket, a tie, a pair of trousers or harness. Some garments of the 7camicie collection express at their best the classic and sparkling style of this garment. Here are some examples:

Tiziano Shirt. Whatever is the look you decide to adopt, this garment with a compact, fine and thin tissue, can be easily combined with a pair of jeans or a pair of slipped trousers, certainly in a dark colour. The seams, made with seven stitching per centimetre, the really fine and lightweight woollen tissue of French origin and the buttoning with no pleat make this garment a model of style and unparalleled refinement with a unique versatility in the combinations.

Leonardo Shirt. The white shirt par excellence, the traditional and unconventional classical that guarantees seriousness and elegance for every occasion. A modern button-down collar with a single eyelet and double button ensure an original touch to a shirt to be combined with jacket and tie in beautiful dark tones.

A white shirt with a V-neck pullover is a great choice for all those who want a formal look and do not renounce to wear the shirt during the winter.

When we talk about the elegance, how cannot we name it? We just have to wear a nice suit with jacket and trousers and the white shirt to be ready for solemn ceremonies too.

 The essential shirt for a man has just one colour: the white one.

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