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The France or French collar, which in France is called "Italian-styled", has several names but common characteristics: very large and open points that create a perfect collar for important and voluminous tie knots. Also called Cutaway Collar or Windsor, from the Duke's name that made it well-known to fit the famous tie knot, in Italy is traditionally called Scappino, from the Piedmontese company that was its great promoter. The shirt with a French collar is particularly suitable for all those who want to dress in an elegant and formal manner.

One of its most characteristic revivals in a modern key is that of the Neapolitan collar with a single sail that presents a cross-cutting stretched towards the back part, and that enhance with extreme elegance the buttoning, making it, in effect, a model suitable model for every type of occasion.

The Camicia Napoli is an evolution of the French shirt, perfect to wear inside or outside the trousers. Its refinement and attention to small details and finishing make it exceptionally suitable for a modern, casual or elegant look.

The double French collar of the Lorenzo Shirt becomes the creator of a refined and authentic style, able to revolutionize the concept itself of the French shirt with the use of two buttons and two large sails that make this a casual model of style and of unparalleled elegance. The tissue of this shirt doesn’t need any presentation: satin, shiny and smooth is today one of the most loved tissues in the world.


Whatever is the manner in which a man decides to dress, the collar together with the edge of the cuffs is many times the only visible part of the shirt and a shirt with a French collar is what allows to dress formally without sacrificing the pleasure of wearing a tie with a voluminous knot.

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