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It was worn by the most famous American actors, from the westerns made in the USA to the most popular action films: the denim shirt for men is a timeless icon, today available in many different models, patterns and colours. If the denim shirt for men is a garment that cannot certainly be missed in your collection, the same is true for the woman, who can have fun with many different combinations.

The 7camicie denim jeans Sofia is a garment for women particularly suitable for a casual, sensual and brave look; attractive if matched with a pair of jeans in a different colour or with a pair of skinny classic trousers. Open or closed, the garment can be paired with leggings, shorts, or long skirts.

No garment can express at best an informal, alternative look like the denim shirt does. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter: wearable in every occasion, from work to free time contexts, the tissue is particularly resistant to wear and wash thanks to its special armour with a threads twist in raw warp and weft.

Denim is a fabric known all over the world and rose to glory in TV and in America in the far 80s. The origin of the name, once said tela de Nimes, dates back to the French town in the Occitan region, where it seems that it was produced for the first time. While in English we usually call this production with the name Denim, in the French language this tissue was known as bleu de Genes-jeans-, that is blue of Genoa, the port in which the tissue was exported.

The history of the denim shirt is now lost in time, and if at the beginning this tissue was considered a poor one, it is now possible to combine it in a more classic and versatile way. It is the case of the Leonardoshirt from 7camicie, that can be combined with trousers with a regular cut for a casual and refined look.

This garment then allows to play and invent you own style and is perfect for a sporty, vintage or jacket and tie outfit. 

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