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In the film Pretty Woman, Vivian, a helpless woman, who is new to the world of the upper class, is invited to a gala dinner.Totally unaware of the existence of the rules of etiquette, especially in so luxuriousenvironments, she collects a series of noteworthy bad impressions in the entourage.

Butdon’t want to be as the beautiful Julia Roberts did in the role of Vivian, isn’t it?

In order to avoid any possible discomfort during the various events, dinners and parties, 7camicie provides some advice on clothing to be observed during formal occasions, gala parties and, not least, in the upcoming holiday dinners.

Good manners are configured as the indispensable set of behavioral rules that defines the good education, drafted in 1558 in the ecclesiastical sphere and that, indisputably, is also very useful in our days. It explores many behavioral areas: from good manners during the meetings, to the correct behavior at the table, and also the most appropriate dress code for more formal situations.

7camicie behaves has an etiquette school and suggests the most suitable garments to respect good manners in case of big occasions. 
For him three precious and elegant proposals:
Firenze white, in solid color and French collar with one button, with a fantasy detail ton on tonon cuffs, chest pocket and collar. To be combined with jackets of any color, for an elegant and fanciful look.
Classic cut and style for Roma sky blue and Firenze light gray, solid color garments, made of fine cotton and accurate manufacturing. Ideal to wear with dark jackets, for a traditional style but with quality.

The woman who never quits the class, for special occasions chooses garments such as Lucrezia pale pink and Lucrezia blue, a precious model, with a Korean collar and an imperial-styled bow, available in different colors for being matched with different jackets.

Giulietta white, for the woman who loves the classic style with a touch of glamor. The studs on the collar and on the pocket give an added value to the garment, to amaze and be amazed.

Choose 7camicie, choose the etiquette!

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