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The tradition is handed down from one generation to another, it doesn’t consider any limits of country nor of any kind.

Feasts and big events, parties among friends and relatives. Just onemust: on New Year’s Eve, the Red color can’t miss.

To meet the tradition and allow its clients to start thinking about the most glamour clothing for New Year’s Eve, 7camicie presents some garments of its collection, selecting them among the most suitable for large ceremonies.

With precious fabrics and the indispensable red color, the shirts we propose for New Year’s Eveare characterized by a solid color, with various intensities of red and with different details, to meet the most varied tastes.

Two different styles for Roma red: the first one in pure satin with a button down collar with two buttons and a blue turn-up for the pocket and the cuffs. An elegant and fanciful garment.

The second proposal Roma red, in poplin fabric, presents the structural characteristics of the first one, enriched by a contrasting white and blue pattern on the collar, on the chest pocket and on the cuffs. For a touch of originality.

To men who prefer a classic and linear style,7camicie proposes Firenze red, a shirt in poplin cotton and a solid bright red, with a French collar with one button, which provides a timeless look.

Fantasy and colors for the shirts Donatello red and Marco Polo red.

The first one, in pure poplin cotton, offers a sober style thanks to the darker tone of the color, and to the black turns-up on the chest pocket, on the cuffs and on the collar. The double button down collar with one button presents a pattern with contrasting white and red stripes. Your big chance to show off a sober and elegant style.

Marco Polo red, in pure satin for a fashion style, presents a double button down collar with two buttons and two sails, with a 7-buttons buttoning. White and blue contrasting checkered pattern on the collar, on the chest pocket and on the cuffs. For an amazing look.

Take advantage of the big promotion with free delivery, guaranteed by Christmas! Do not miss this opportunity.

7camicie celebrates with you. Celebrate with 7camicie.

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