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You have received an unexpected invitation for an important occasion? The relatives of your partner would like to stay with you for the New Year’s Eve for the official presentations? You have got  two tickets for the opening night of an exclusive show and you don’t know what to wear? ... 7camicie has thought about you too!


Also this year, on the occasion of Christmas festivities, 7camicie showcases its most exclusive garments, suitable for those unexpected and fashionable occasions that everyone fears and strongly desires.


The proposals for the great events are called Romeo Champagne, Firenze Black, Giulietta Ivory, Giulietta Black 

HE is…


Romeo Champagne: a name, a guarantee! How to celebrate better a special occasion than with a color that evokes festive atmospheres and moments of great euphoria?! If you are looking for the liveliness of the bubbles, Roma Champagne is the garment perfect for you. Classic buttoning and style, Italian collar with one button, pure cotton in fixed satin and long sleeves.


Firenze Black: the style first! A shirt for men in cotton shiny satin, in a black solid color, French collar, cuff link on the cuff and a hidden buttoning that gives to the classic garment the right elegance for your special occasion.


SHE is…


Giulietta Ivory: a loose shirt for women with front pockets. Italian collar with one button, regular cut and georgette fabric. A fairytale color and a long cut for an outfit that is really attractive both with leggings and with a pair of black trousers with a classic cut.


Giulietta Black: if the special occasion is the concert for the New Year's Eve or an exclusive party with friends, Giulietta Black will surprise you! Slightly transparent georgette fabric, studs on the Italian collar with one button and on the front pockets, long sleeves and an impressive style that appeals at every step


What are you waiting for?! Discover now the garment that fits you on our Online Shop!

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