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the tie history


Many schools of thought argue that the tie is the direct descendant of the piece of cloth that the Roman legionnaires already used in the second century A.D.

The most supported theories, instead, argue that the tie is derived from neckerchiefs that appeared in the 1600s; however, a prototype of the modern tie made ​​his first appearance in America around the 18th century,  as a bandana tied in a bow and worn by the boxer James Belcher.

Lord Brummel, who was already a precursor of the modern shirt, and an ardent supporter of the dandy fashion, introduced the starched white neckerchief, a symbol of anunmistakably elegantstyle.

Around 1880, the members of the Exeter College of Oxford took off the ribbons from their hats to tie them around their neck. Only later, in the same year, they ordered a tailor to produce ribbons with the appropriate color of the club.

In 1924, in New York, Jesse Langsdorf found the right solution, by cutting the fabric at an angle of 45° to the grain line, with three strips of silk to sew later.

The idea was patented and exported all over the world.

Today, the tie is not just an accessory: it carries with it the traces of a long story. A symbol of elegance and style, it creates a culture among the richest.

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