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non iron shirts


Ironing the shirt is no longer a problem. 7camiciehelps his women and provides a useful guidance for a perfect ironing in 5 easy steps.

1. The first step to make is to look at the label, which provides important information about the type of fabric and the temperature to be used in the process of ironing. Most of the 7camiciegarments  is made ​​of pure cotton, that can be ironed at high temperatures.

2. Then, proceedwith the ironing of the cuffs and the collar: unbutton the buttons and iron the areas on the obverse and on the reverse.

3. Place the front of the garment on the board, being careful to match the narrowest part of the board with the shoulder of the shirt. Iron the area, starting from the details: seams, pockets and button arrangement. Then proceed ironing the part below the sleeve, and then perform the same operation on the other side of the shirt. Every time you move the shirt, place it so that it fits perfectly to the board and there are not wrinkles. To iron the area between the buttons, use the tip of the iron.

4. At this point, iron the back of the shirt, keeping it in the position described above.

5. Proceed with the sleeves, positioning them on the board and starting from the bottom seam, with upward strokes. Press lightly on the seam, making sure that it does not form wrinkles.

CURIOSITY: it is told that women's shirts should be hung, while men's shirts should show the wrinkles of the visible signs of the bending. Did you know it?

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