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The charm of the tuxedo can’t be told: everyone has in his eyes the memory of an image of a unique and timeless elegance.

It rarely happens to wear it because it is for very formal and special occasions, certainly not daily but unique and precious. That’s why it is necessary to have clear ideas on how to wear it and to know the rules of style to match it perfectly with the shirt and also with the rest of the clothing.

Jacket and trousers, for example, must be always black and can have black satin inserts. You can use a black satin band or a waistcoat with a flared collar and in the same tissue of the tuxedo. The shoes, instead,  should be simple, in leather or black paint, accompanied by strictly black socks.

The tuxedo shirt, instead, must be strictly white, in cotton or linen. As regards the collar, there are geographical differences, since in Europe it is preferred the winged collar also called diplomatic or ceremony collar, while in North America a classical collar is used. The buttoning of the tuxedo shirt can be completely hidden, otherwise the buttons should be small and blacks. As regards the cuffs, instead, double cuffs are preferred, with golden or silver cufflinks closure, or even with black stones. Everything can be enhanced by a black silk bow tie, better if hand-knotted.

Among the ceremony shirts of 7camicie, model Milanois certainly the one thought for the tuxedo, find out the details on the online store of 7camicie!

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