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The English town in the county of Oxfordshire is not only known for its prestigious university, or for its devoutly industrial character. To increase its fame, there is the famous Oxford tissue that has fascinated, attracted and drawn the attention of the man committed to quality for a long time.

Oxford: tissue of high quality, characterized by a little chequered pattern, which makes the garments  suitable for a casual look, particularly suitable for the free time thanks to its breathability, as well as for more professional outfits in work environments.

The special feature of the Oxford tissue is given by the fine weave in a basket pattern of warp white and coloured yarns, that make the tissue one of the most widely one used shirt tissues in the quality clothing sector.

Strictly in cotton, the 7camicie Oxford shirt is easily recognizable thanks to its typical dotted look and to the frequent combination of button-down collar and pocket, that makes it suitable for both half seasons and for the cold winter period.

This famous weaving method introduces a harmony that makes the Oxford tissue particularly robust and suitable for different looks and patterns, from the simple sky blue to the most varied floral patterns.

One of the certainly more appealing garments of the 7camicie collection is the White Oxford Leonardo Shirt. A classic par excellence, that combines a typically traditional design with a top quality tissue, highlighting brave and geometric combinations among collar, buttoning and finishing. The weave is just one of the exceptional qualities of the shirt, which combines finishing and stitching cared in its minimal detail with button-down collar and combined cuffs.

Wearing it inside or outside the trousers doesn’t matter, its length, weighted carefully, always allows people to feel at ease, with a smart and versatile garment, suitable for any situation.

If you are still uncertain, don’t waste time, the Oxford shirt is the garment perfect for you, all that must be present in your wardrobe, whatever is the man you decide to be.

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