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7camicie presents one of the most polished details in the shirt that, after careful studies, our experts  included in the collections.

The Italian collar, internationally known as "Kent collar" or more simply "Italian-style collar," is the type of collar that represents, for many aspects, the Italian style.

This type of collar, applied to different models of the 7camiciecollection, is characterized by the straight tips, variably close to each other depending on whether they are combinedwith a thin tie, for a young style, or with a  broad-bladed tie, symbol of great elegance and refinement. The sizes and the distance of the collar, therefore, can vary depending on the situation, the needs and the tastes of the individuals. The Italian collar boasts, in its classical complexion, a fastening with a button.

It is rumored that this type of collar is the favorite of President Obama.

Also on this occasion, 7camicie meets the tastes of all customers and proposes here some garments of the  Romeo collection for men.

Romeo lilac is the ideal garment for the man who likes to astonish with elegant sobriety. Characterized by pale violet pastel colors, this shirt is made of precious Satin and boasts an Italian collar with a single button and an unmistakably classic style.

Among the unavoidable classics in the closet, 7camicie proposes Romeo sky blue, a garment in a refined high quality Oxford cotton, with Italian collar with one button and haute-couture finishing.

Romeo white and blue is the perfect combination of elegance and originality. With a narrow stripe pattern in the shades of white and blue and made of poplin cotton, this shirt boasts an Italian collar with one button and great versatility in combinations.

An innovative and original color for Romeo Champagne, in the colors of beige, with an Italian collar and a Satin manufacturing to ensure maximum elegance and an unprecedented style.

7camicie, you are just spoiled for choice!

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