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Choosing to wear the silkchief is a playful and subtle pleasure that 7camicie customers can’t renounce to.

Refined and original colours, quality tailoring in pure silk, for the man who likes to trace the contours of his own style with personality and good taste. No longer at exclusive use of the professionals or the experts in the field, so: where there is a jacket (a suit, a blazer or sport coat, it doesn’t matter) there is a silkchief.  

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a tie: silkchief and tie are not linked, on the contrary, they should be considered on their own! If you choose to wear both, 7camicie suggests some harmonious combinations in the colours.

Consider that already in the elegant France of the 18th century the King chose for himself a handkerchief every morning, after the toilet, according to his mood and in strong contrast with the tone of the dress, wearing it was falling, casually, in a messy and almost random way.

7camicie recommends to combine its silkchiefs in a solid colour with decorated and colourful shirts for a less formal outfit, in spite of the pinpoint accuracy of the bends, giving the pocket a splash of colour.

The precious silkchief in silk from 7camicie will give ease and elegance to your style.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the one that suits you, click here!

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