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Symbols of elegant and refined man, shirt and tie are considered as two essential components in the wardrobe of every man. Shirts and ties have always fascinated thanks to their variety, patterns and craftsmanship. Although many argue that the ancient Roman legionaries introduced it for the first time, it is only starting from the seventeenth century that it began to be worn in the courts of half of Europe. The shirt with tie represents a status symbol that can facilitate communication with people you are talking with.  There are at least eighty-five types of bows to tighten a tie to the collar and each of these is able to transmit different sensations.

Shirt, tie, jacket and classic trousers are the right clothing for the successful man who is looking for a suitable suit for a business meeting or a ceremony.

A brave example of a formal shirt is the Romeo shirt by 7camicie, a garment without any limits or time that, combined with the Navona tie in silk, ensures a sober style, suitable also for the most demanding dress code.

Shirt and tie can also be worn for a less formal look, the mirror of our taste and of our creativity. There are  many shirts and ties available in the 7camicie collection, in different patterns and different colours and materials, for a look that just have to be created. To dress fashionably all that you need is to have a shirt and tie. The first rule is to always choose the tie darker than the shirt, avoiding the same patterns.

The shirt with tie can be easily combined with a suit. Here are some simple rules to follow for a formal look: choosing serious colours and solid colors, combining light suits with dark ties, avoiding to combine  a suit with a tie and a shirt of the same pattern, do not combine more than three different colours in the suit.

The tie, this thin strip of tissue knotted around the neck, speaks a metaphoric language and transmits emotions and feelings that are able to satisfy tastes and fancies of the men and, in the modern world, even of the women.

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