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Are you leaving for your holidays? Do you want to travel light and with only your hand luggage but without renouncing to bring with you something more than beach underwear, shorts and t-shirts? Don’t panic, 7camicie will teach you how to fold your favorite shirt without creasing it and occupying at their best the spaces in your suitcase!

First of all, spread out the shirt on a firm and flat surface, and start to button it starting from the collar.

Then turn the shirt and put it "upside down", spreading it well with your hands, trying to create as few wrinkles as possible. Start to bend to one side. Begin from the side that you prefer and fold it towards the inner part. The important thing is to maintain a distance from the wrinkle to the collar of not less than 10 centimeters (from both sides), but above all to fold the side in the most linear possible way.

Then fold the sleeve, trying to make it match with the previous wrinkle. Then repeat the proceeding for the other side of the shirt.

What you have in front of your eyes now is a long and really narrow shirt: then fold the bottom of twenty centimeters (do it as if it was a cuff). Then fold again, and fold a third time if necessary.

Et voilà, your shirt is folded and ready to go with you on holiday!

Some other tips for your trip by 7camicie: always fold and place your shirts as if they were in their package, taking care to fill the collar with something soft, such as socks, for example, to maintain the shape. Inside the trousers, instead, place a folded towel, so that you can avoid undesired wrinkles. Jackets, ultimately, have always to be placed with the external cover, to protect them from unsightly wrinkles. The meticulousness with which we make our products, typically Italian, should be the philosophy that accompanies also your small daily gestures.

Enjoy your trip from 7camicie!

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