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7camicie never stops, offering you its full collection of products on the online store.

Today, 7camicie launches its collection of colourful and patterned ties, easily combinable with our brand shirts.

The tie is an essential accessory in every man’s wardrobe, important for formal situation and charming for casual dress. The tie, born as neckerchief, became part of men’s dress clothing only in the XVII century. The modern tie was invented by the New Yorker Jesse Langsdorft who cut the tie fabric at a 45 degree angle, as we know it today.

There are several tie models and patterns that match different outfits according to various situations. There is also a wide debate about knot type, blade width and number of folds and last but not least, lining. We’ll deal in detail with these matters, to offer our clients a complete overview on the opportunities to choice a refined accessory, leaving an indelible mark in the man who puts it on.

Today, we want to show you 7camicie promotion; on its online store you can find a diversified range of ties and buy them with the highest quality and fast delivery.


Trevi collection, named as the wonderful monument in Rome, the eternal city and company headquarters, is a pure silk tie with 8 cm blade width, in different patterns and designs, allowing a wide range of outfit for formal and informal situations.



Navona collection, taking its name from another monument of the eternal city, is a pure silk narrow tie with 6 cm blade width. It’s available in different models, colours and patterns to guarantee perfect combinations.


Find out 7camicie tie collection on the online store and make an elegant choice!  

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