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Offering endless combinations of shades and patterns, the red shirts give the modern man a pleasant and attractive look. Red is a dominant colour and the person who wears it feels safe and always at ease: symbol of vital energy, both mental and physical, it is a vivid colour, ideal for an original look. Energetic and refined, the red shirt for men is the symbol of an extroverted man who is continually moving and is perfect for a style that doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

The Caravaggio red shirt by 7camicie is a modern and refined garment that combines the comfort of the Korean collar with a single button and a reduced height with a fine and precious tissue: the poplin. The attention to detail combined with a refined design makes it a unique model.

Ideal for any time of the year, the red captivates and fascinates particularly during the summer period, giving the brave man a refined and sensual image.

The Romeo  claret shirt by 7camicie has a refined style that never goes out of fashion. The Italian collar with a wide collar stand gives this garment elegance and sobriety, making it suitable to be worn with a tie and a suit for formal events.

With fabric trousers or jeans, the red shirt for men is an intriguing garment, not very suitable for formal occasions that require a classic dress code and ideal for the casual style of the successful man.

Available in several hues and geometric patterns, the 7camicie red shirts are the result of a tailoring experience that can draw a unique and inimitable garment.

The red shirt revives the male wardrobe making it more eccentric and casual, allowing to give the look an imprint of personal style. With a button-down collar, or a French one, in satin or poplin, red is the colour that enchants.

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