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How to dress fashionably without ever renouncing to a sober and elegant outfit?

It is certainly a question to which it not easy to answer, for several reasons: first of all the fact that fashion is continually transforming. However, there are some garments that maintain unchanged their elegance: the grey shirt is one of them.

A must-have garment of the male clothing, the pearl grey shirt fascinates and attracts the man who is looking for a sober and refined style.

The grey shirt Romeo of the 7camicie collection, in a satin tissue and Italian collar, can be combined with suit and tie adapting to the more formal occasions that require a refined and elegant dress code.

The Leonardo shirt by 7camicie is the garment suitable for those who love the denim tissue and want to wear a grey shirt. Right combination, never banal, is the one of the chinos fabric trousers with a shirt and sneakers, for an underground style that never goes unnoticed.

Frequently chosen as a colour for clothing and accessories, grey indicates a strong inner balance and is often a synonymous of professionalism and elegance. Returned to vogue in the recent years, it is an ideal colour for the business man who is always on travel for work and for those who want to dress in a careful but original way.

From pearl grey to the darker or pastel tones, the grey shirts continue to fascinate for their comfort and versatility. Worn undone, with a t-shirt underneath, with the sleeves buttoned or slightly raised, these garments are the emblem of a sporty and, at the same time, refined style. They can be worn both in winter, combined with a sweater or jacket and tie, and in the summer with a pair of short trousers.

Each shirt represents a way of being and of relating to the world: the grey shirts play an important role for those who are looking for a brave and original look.

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