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Now that Christmas is over, we point straight to the Epiphany.

Has your child been naughty? Coal and shirts.

Has he been good? Candies and shirts.

Just one constant: the shirt.

Once the time of games with Santa Claus has passed, now it’s time to make a useful gift to your children.

In the traditional stocking to hang below the chimney, insert many sweets, just enough coal and a shirt from the large collection of 7camicie.

For more important occasions, or to wear every day with a sweater, the shirt for children is a garment who knows no seasons.

7camicie offers today some models of child shirts, a brilliant gift idea for the Befana stocking.

With a great choice of styles, models and colors, 7camicie recommends the shirt Matteo White and Light Brown, with a tartan pattern and brown, blue and red squares on a delicate white bottom. Button-down collar, for an unexceptionable style.

To match with the shades of blue, the shirt Matteo Blue and Neon Blue is ideal for casual occasions, thanks to the checked dark blue and light blue pattern. Sports model with a button-down collar. Style and comfort without equal.

Tartan blue and red checked pattern on a white bottom, button-down collar and delicate cotton for Matteo Red and White. Breezy and always fashionable style.

For a combination with green or black pants, the shirt Matteo Pistachio and Blue is perfect for you. Elegant and lively color combination for an original and sporty look, unprecedented.

Francesco Sky Blue and White for the lovers of the classic style: blue and white checked fabric on a light blue bottom with a watermarked cashmere print, chest pocket and button-down collar for a sporty cut.

Thousands of tastes and colors for your children.

Give a Befana rich in fantasies. Give a 7camicie garment!

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