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Period of parties, period of dinners.

In this period of festivities, we all participate or organize dinners and tables, on the occasion of large formal events, with family and friends.

For Christmas or the New Year’s Eve dinner, we choose elegant outfits, often characterized by a shirt for both men and for women.

But which is our biggest fear when we sit at a table? The stain!

Today 7camicie wants to propose a practical guide for removing stains from shirts and for wiping the stain, at least in the eyes of our guests.

First of all, before bungling, we should understand the kind of stain we are dealing with: sauce, oil or red wine?

The second distinction to make is about the color of the shirt: dark or light?

Marco Polo Red Bordeaux and Firenze Blue for him, Linda Blue and White for her are three of the most elegant garments of the 7camicie collection. Dark shade, pure cotton or poplin fabric, lively and sober fantasies. The different fabrics of the shirts proposed warn us about the exact analysis of the stain to complete a reliable stain removal, that does not ruin the fabric.

On dark shade garments, in the case of sauce or oil stains, so basically with a greasy nature, 7camicie recommends the immediate use of bicarbonate to be applied on the stain, rubbing thoroughly and rinsing.

In the event that the stain has been accidentally provoked by a glass of red wine, instead, it is appropriate to rub the stain with cold water and let it dry.

If we wore a shirt with a light shade, as the garments Silvia White and Giulietta Pink for her, or Roma Beige and White for him, then we will have to proceed differently.

The pure glazed and weaved cotton fabric, as well as the different patterns of the shirts, give us a guarantee of quality. We can therefore rage mercilessly against the more visible stains.

If the stain is a greasy one, such as oil or sauce, we use a piece of dry paper to absorb the staining substance, then we proceed immediately to rub the shirt thoroughly with a kitchen degreaser and let it dry. If it's red wine, we plug the shirt with a cloth moistened with white wine to see the stain disappear in no time!

Celebrate in freedom without fear of the stains, thanks to the advice of 7camicie!

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