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Twelve years have passed since Gianni Agnelli died, but the class and elegance of his clothes are still alive in our memory, as he had passed away just yesterday.

To celebrate the myth of the “Man of the Future” (as he called himself), 7camicie has decided to recall briefly the story of the Avvocato’s style, remembering his essential accessory: the shirt.

Rigorously button-down and Oxford cotton for the sportswear style, the most famous of the Agnelli’s brothers used to buy them in a well-known sartorial house on the Madison, Manhattan. Those more formal ones, were produced in Genoa, where during the Fifties a special shirt, partially starched, was created just for him. Light blue during the day, white during the night, he preferred 2 buttons cuff rather than cufflink, that were problematic with the over-the-cuff watch.

In a certain sense, Gianni is remembered for being a rebel of Fashion, even if he is considered at the same time one of its most influential interpreters. Among his proposals, considered “strange”, we remember winter coat over blazer, long ties with pullover tucked into the waistband of trousers, loafers with a suits and blue blazer with washed-out jeans.

Like Gianni Agnelli, 7camicie is remembered for being a cutting-edge brand in the field of shirt production. Here you are some of the latest fantastic proposals:


Roma Lilac: this sportswear shirt with a slim fit cut has a plain lilac design and a pure cotton honeycomb fabric, long sleeve, white and lilac contrasting checked pattern for the internal part of the cuff; 2 buttons button-down collar. In perfect “Agnelli’s style”!

Roma Light blue: the colour chosen by Gianni for the shirt worn during the day. Slim fit, long sleeve and plain colour with buttoning . Pure satin cotton and 2 buttons button-down collar. Because you don’t need eccentricity to be elegant.



 Linda Lilac: you can findone of the trendy colours of winter 2015 in a great sportswear shirt with slim fit. Pure Oxford cotton, like the sportswear shirts of Gianni, it has long sleeves, plain lilac and 2 buttons Italian collar. Let yourself be seduced by the internal striped cuff!

Unbuttoned cuffs, watch on top of the cuff, denim shirt: Gianni Agnelli’s elegance can be recreated and imitated with the 7camicie selection on the online shop.

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