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One of the basic features to recognize a high quality item is, certainly, the fabric. 7camicie uses the best fabrics in terms of quality, refinement and durability in the production of its shirts.

Today, let’s examine the Poplin cotton, one of the most appreciated fabrics in the market, used in the production of high performance clothing, offering resistance, great softness and high wearability.

The Poplin cotton is a thin, fresh and dry fabric, shiny and compact as well. The name comes from a French word and, at the beginning, used to describe a lightweight wool fabric, particularly indicated in the production of the Pope’s clothes.

Nowadays, on the contrary, it is considered a compact, resistant, very light and thin weave, produced with different yarns, such as cotton, silk and artificial fibres. The yarns are very thin, twist and mercerized, with a fresh and straight fabric.The weave is characterized by warp yarns. These features make it the greatest fabric in the production of shirts.

Several shirts of 7camicie’s collection are made with this precious fabric.

The shirt Roma White and Violet is a long sleeve shirt with a button down collar. The diagonal striped white and violet pattern, with the freshness and quality of poplin cotton, are appreciated by the man who loves originality.

The same fabric and refinement is to be found in Roma Light blue and Turquoise. The shirt presents vivid colours, with a button down collar and contrasting details on the inner part of collar, buttoning, cuffs and chest pocket. Fantasy and elegance all in a garment!

For the stylish man, who loves bright colours, is the shirt Roma Violet and Pink always the right choice! Poplin cotton, button down with 2 buttons and a medium squared violet and pink pattern.

Among the trendiest woman Poplin shirts, 7camicie suggests Linda Oil blue and Black, a shirt with contrasting cashmere pattern, Italian collar and slim fit. A must-have for the wardrobe of demanding women!

Venezia Red and Dark Green is a woman shirt boasting big square pattern, in the shades of red, double ton sur ton rouches and a soft collar, for a trendy style that doesn't go unnoticed.

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Wear quality clothes, wear 7camicie!

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