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When we buy a shirt, the details always make the difference. Collar and cuffs are a very important detail of style and they are often the only things of the shirt that we can see.

Cufflinks are defined as two double ornamental buttons that are used to close the cuffs in a French style, that the French call "the musketeer style" and the Italians call "double".

Although, on the market, there are shirts with single cuff for cufflinks, the choice of the French cuff is definitely the most elegant one for the shirt. Cufflinks with precious stones or in a precious metal are mostly used for gala evenings or particularly important events. However, for more informal situations, it is also possible to combine tissue cufflinks. The most common shirt cufflinks are the torpedo, the most common and easy to wear, the chain ones, the most elegant and provided with a chain that connects the two decorative faces, and the bar cufflinks, with fixed ends connected by a little rigid bar.

A shirt with cufflinks that is particularly suitable for important occasions is the Milano Shirt from the 7camicie collection. The wide cuff with a single buttonhole is adaptable to precious cufflinks that contribute, together with the tuxedo collar with one button, to express the maximum elegance combined with a tie or bow tie.

The most demanding dresscode always requires a good shirt with metal torpedo cufflinks and a jacket and a pair of trousers on which matching a bow tie or a tie. The shirt with cufflinks is thus a symbol of class that makes the man, and the suit he wears, an icon of good taste and refinement.

These jewels, preserved for the nobility and the upper middle class for a long time, came back today to be popular and are a must-have for the man who never renounces to dress with style and elegance.

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