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Did you know that the shirt collar size may tell you a lot of things about your shirt?

The shirt collar size can help us in choosing a well-fitted shirt and look attractive!

Take a tape measure and start measuring: wrap the tape measure around your neck, hold it firm at the front of your neck and slip your index finger between the tape measure and your neck and record the measurement! In Italy, thanks to the long tradition in shirt production, there are two different ways to express sizes, in basic fits and in centimeters. Other countries, like United States and Great Britain are still using inches as base units for sizes. In order to please everyone, 7camicie proposes a Size Guide on its online store , offering a comparison chart for shirt collar sizes, with the Italian measurements in cm and the U.S. measurements in inches, and also the chest width and the sleeve and shoulders measurement. The Size Guide is enriched by some pictures and become so easy to use.

Thanks to 7camicie, the choice of your shirt is so easy and exciting! In the "Shop by Size" you can find the perfect size and a great variety of patterns and collars, ready to be worn!

With the Size Guide, your choice will be more easy and immediate! All we can do is visit 7camicie online store and buy your shirt!

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