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For the man who loves dressing fashionably and does not renounce to appear sober and cared, the fit is crucial. If this is true for all the garments, it is even more true for shirts.

Adapting perfectly to the body of the person who wears it, the shirt should be neither too loose nor too tight and should ensure comfort and freedom of movement.

The fit of the shirts is usually divided into three different models: classic shirt, regular shirt, slim shirt.

The classic model is suitable for every body type and always requires a classic look to wear with a suit or a tie for formal events such as work tor ceremonies.

The cut of the regular fit shirt is slightly tighter than the classic one and makes this garment suitable for a formal and sporty look. Worn with a classic suit or with a less formal fabric trousers, the regular fit shirts for men are the perfect choice for those who prefer a brave and modern look.

The slim model emphasizes the body silhouette. It is a perfect garment for a slender body and is suitable for informal occasions which allow to wear the shirt inside or outside the trousers.

The regular fit shirt is certainly the most versatile garment: it easily adapts to every occasion and it is essential in the wardrobe of the modern man.

The fit of the regular shirt is an added factor for the Milano model by 7camicie. Designed for a combination with a tuxedo, this garment is made in a precious satin tissue for unique comfort and resistance. The  Marco Polo  shirt is designed for an elegant and casual style, the modern button-down collar and double collar leaf with long and wide cut make it a unique and refined model.

Whatever are the regular fit shirts for men you decide to wear, this cut ensures a unique style and an unparalleled comfort.

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