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The cotton, for its characteristics of resistance, breathability and lightness, appears to be the prince tissue between the shirts tissues.

Cotton is a natural textile fibre of vegetable origin, obtained from the cotton plant: at the moment in which  the fruit reaches its maturity, the seeds are surrounded by a thick white down that is extracted through the spinning process. The cotton fibre can also be subjected to several interventions, such as the combing, which increases the resistance and gives the yarn a shiny and slightly hairy aspect; the mercerization, that makes it more brilliant and ready for the dyeing. Subsequently, the yarns are joined by means of torsion, the process that creates the thread.

At this point we pass to the real weaving which is essential for the creation of the tissue, through the twist of the weave yarns (horizontal) and the warp (vertical).

On our web site you will discover all the shirts tissues used by 7camicie: Poplin, Oxford, Satin, Piquet, Fil a fil, etc. They present characteristics of excellence to offer a variety of options in the sign of elegance, originality and comfort.

With 7camicie, the quality of the workmanship and the care for the fabrication make the raw materials an expression of refinement and versatility, to give its customers the opportunity to always choose something valuable. Moreover, the variety of shirts tissues is also expressed in colours, models and shapes that promote the freedom of choice and are able to meet the needs of all the customers, even the most demanding and intransigent ones!

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