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The informal shirts are a fundamental garment of casual clothing, that characterizes the free time of the men who like to stay with their friends or family without losing their own style.

When the traditional elegance is not compulsory, we can finally express our personality and the look that we like the most with originality and carefreeness. We can have fun with the tone-on-tone or contrasted  colour combinations, according to the season, the occasion or simply the mood. Casual shirts are also characterized by a wide variety of patterns: striped, chequered, floral, geometric with applications in contrast, pockets, buttons, etc.

The choice of the tissue also expresses everybody’s personal taste, from the classic cotton to the linen, depending on the season and the occasion.

What is certainly compulsory for the casual shirts is a set of characteristics that meet the needs of practicality and comfort: quality tissues, perfect finishing, durability.

7camicie is a brand that is able to take into account all the needs of its customers, think and make countless wonderful examples of informal shirts for casual clothing! Vivid colours, precious details, original patterns,  reliable tissues and much more to discover!

The casual shirts for men of 7camicie will surely be able to surprise those around you during your free time and give a clear idea of ​​how to dress. Dear man, if you love a casual original and fancy look, you cannot certainly miss them! Visit the section of casual shirts for men in our website!

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