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The origin of the suit for men, as of all the modern men's fashion, comes from the English history: until the middle of the last century London was the unquestioned capital of men's fashion; thanks to the Italian tailors this monopoly belongs now to the past and 7camicie is proud to be a famous brand of absolute Italian quality in the world.

7camicie designed and realized for you some new suits for men you can’t renounce to, a union of tradition, style and quality.

It is true that if we want to appear really elegant we must be able to mix many little details, but a good starting point, like the dress 7camicie, will surely put every man in the position to be the best.

The new black suit for men from the 7camicie collection is a symbol of elegance and quality,   perfect for the man who can’t renounce to refinement. The single-breasted jacket with two buttons has large and high lapels, for an impeccable style, while the welt pockets and the breast pocket offer a touch of important tradition. The inside part of the jacket is made with the utmost care and attention for the details: equipped with multiple pockets for the best comfort in conserving the most precious object, this garment  has a resistant inner liner, a guarantee of durability and protection. The trousers of the suit are in a solid colour, together with the jacket, with a classic style reinterpreted in a modern way. When wearing a black suit, the details for an elegant and impeccable look are: white shirt, classic shoes, black socks and black belt.

Instead, if your favourite colour for the suit to wear is blue, the shirt will be white or light blue, with delicate shades, socks in the same colour of the suit, black belt and shoes. The blue suit for men signed 7camicie,in a solid blue colour, has a great refinement in the attention for the details. The quality of the fabrics used by 7camicie makes this suit a real must-have for the man who makes elegance its lifestyle. The inner part of the jacket has many pockets. The trousers, in a solid colour matched with the jacket and characterized by a classic modernized model, boast welt pockets in the back and large front pockets positioned on the sides. For the best versatility in the combinations, the dark blue of the garment is a guarantee of an elegance that knows no time. In formal situations and serious dress codes, this suit is the choice of eternal refinement.

Visit the 7camicie online store and choose the perfect outfit for your style!

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