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The revolution has stripes and passes by the shirt.

It is wrong to think about the striped shirt as a garment suitable only for the most formal occasions. Nowadays, stripes and colours are really fashionable, and they leave the old symbol of the dressing sporty to become the emblem of a sophisticated and amusing taste.

Big, small, white, black, red or even yellow, today the stripes are a garment that must be present in the male wardrobe. If you are looking for something sober and with a classic taste, there are striped shirts that can enhance the most refined dress and ensure an impeccable outfit for the most informal occasions.

If it is true that the market offers many choices, it is also true that the style of a man varies from shirt to shirt. Horizontal or diagonal stripes are always strongly discouraged, while width and colour definitely depend on personal tastes.

A shirt, certainly suitable for any type of occasion, is the 7camicie Firenze model. The satin tissue, combined with a slim fit and a French collar with one button, makes this garment an item that combines the classic style of the finest cotton with the one pertaining to the most spicy and social occasions.

Avoiding the choice of a striped tie is the first rule to be observed to wear this pattern. A shirt with thin stripes ensures an impeccable style if it is combined with solid jacket and tie with a colour similar to the shirt’s one.  Really wide stripes are appropriate with a pair of jeans, without any tie and maybe in the summer, during a warm day in the company of your friends.

The striped shirts are therefore particularly suitable for the warmest season; in the spring and in the summer it is easy to wear lighter shades without paying too much attention on width of the stripes.

Getting dressed is a language, just like the word’s one, an art form and a relationship form with the people we have around us. It is therefore important to know how to choose the right combination for every situation, guaranteeing an always sober and elegant taste.

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