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It has finally arrived the most awaited period of the year, the time that has always been perceived as the moment that marks the transition from what it was to what it will be.

Everyone is prepared, excited, to live with theloved ones this moment of joy, hoping that the coming year will bring better things with respect to the old ones.

7camicie takes advantage of this opportunity to offer you an overview of the New Year (New Year's Eve) in Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, France, England and Russia, hoping that, wherever you choose to spend your "moment of transition" you could remember to jump on us too, perhaps to propitiate with a new purchase the 1st January 2015.

Spain: The Spanish New Year is celebrated in the name of popular beliefs. Spanish people celebrate it with their families, making a series of "lucky "rites. Among the most common, the "12 grapes" (people prepare 12 grapes and then swallows them one by one at each chime of the clock of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid) the rite of banknotes in shoes or even the one of entering some gold rings in champagne chalices with which to drink a toast for the new year (the ring gets rattled three times in succession, then people toast drinking in one breath). Try them on the spot! Then come and visit us in Barcelona (CarrerdelsBoters, 7 08002 Barcelona Spain), Madrid (Príncipe Pío Shopping Mall Paseo de la Florida, 2 28008 Madrid Spain) or fly to Portugal and live experiences of the same type in Lisbon (Colombo Shopping Mall AvenidaLusíada 1500-392 Lisboa Portugal).


Italy: The Italians, traditionalists and lovers of the good life, usually celebrate the New Year’s Eve with their friends. It doesn’t matter that the chosen destination is a country house in Tuscany, an old villa near Rome or a local inMilan. The motto of Italian people is "being in company." Even the family dinner with “cotechino” sausage and lentils is quite typical. So typical that it seems to date back to Roman times, when the lentil symbolized abundance and money, and pork’s fatty meat was a auspice of abundance. Discover us in Italy too: Rome (Via Del Corso, 416 00187 Rome Italy), Milan (Piazzale Antonio Cantore 20123 Milan Italy).

England: The British Isles celebrate the New Year with fire, probably a reference to paganism. Among the most famous festivals dedicated to this element we remember the Tar Bar’l Festival(literally tarfestival). In the kitchen there is no shortage of turkey stuffed with chestnuts and of Christmas Pudding, enriched with silver coins, to determine who among the tablemates will be more lucky. Even the games link on the fire: to fish dried fruit floating on an inflamed liquor and jumps in a circle composed of 13 red candles without blowing none of them. Let burn the passion that is within you in our store inYork (76 Low Petergate York YO1 United Kingdom). We’ll be waiting for you!

France: the Reveillon de Saint-Sylvestreis spentin a dinner with family and friends, or participating in parties with music. Do not miss mistletoe, foiegras and, of course, champagne. Among our several stores, we suggest Grenoble (25 rue Berthe de Boissieux 38000 Grenoble France).

In Germany, the new year is welcomed toasting with a drink made of red wine, spices, orange peel and rum (Feuerzangenbowle,drink of fraternity) and then playingBleigießen, literally "cast lead": some metal is poured in cold water to know the future (if a ball is formed it is a good sign). Dresden (Dresden ElbeparkEinkaufszentrumPeschelstraße 33 01139 Dresden Deutschland) and the other German cities are waiting for you with their original traditions.

Not even Brazil is immune to the traditions of the New Year’s Eve: people of all ethnic groups, social classes and religious beliefs go down to the streets to celebrate the new year. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo it is a tradition to wear white, a symbol of peace and Afro-Brazilian tradition. The year begins with offerings to the goddess Iemanja(the siren of waters) and continues with the jump of the first seven waves of the new year to attract luck. Live the warm experience of the Brazilian New Year in Curtiba and pass by our shop (Rua Brigadeiro Franco 2300 80250-93 Curitiba Parana, Brasil).

Any more questions? Visit one of our stores abroad and you'll have a good excuse to fully immerse yourself in the local traditions.

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