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We would all need some useful tips to fold a shirt! Sometimes this action could take more time than the ironing! Of course, because no one would want to find his own ironed shirt with horrible creases caused by a quick and awkward bending and, at the same time, we would like to optimize the space inside our wardrobes!

Then let’s follow, step by step, these simple and useful tips:

Let’s put the shirt on a flat surface with the front side downwards, after having buttoned all the buttons of the buttoning, of the cuffs and of the collar.

Let’s fold the first side towards the inner part by following a parallel line. We will also fold the sleeve in the same way and we do the same on the opposite side. Important: at this point is fundamental to control the distance between the collar and the bending, and it must be identical for both sides.

Now let’s pass to the bottom edge of the shirt: we count about 5 cm starting from the bottom and we fold the shirt towards the shoulders. If we keep a hand inside during this operation we could help us avoiding creases and flaws.

Let’s turn over the shirt and check that the folds are proportionate, settling the last details.

For those who still have some difficulties, you don’t have to despair: in fact, there are practical shirts folding! Otherwise, you could also use some rigid cards to cut in the measure that is most appropriate for you: some quick and useful tips can really make us save much time and effort!

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