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As an expert in the field of shirt factory, 7camicie launches a promotional campaign of its products, putting the customer in the condition of understanding, even before the purchase, if the product can meet his expectations.

The handcrafted work of 7camicie’s products is, in itself, a synonym of recognized and appreciated quality all over the world. Anyway, the brand prominence doesn’t reside only in the international appreciation but also in the daily relationship with the customer, that can see the brand handmade productions first-hand.

Among its strength points, there is the will to aim at innovation, promoting the constant search of style and production methods and introducing techniques and excellent fabrics that can maintain the high standards of the items.

For this reason, each product presents a specific datasheet with the technical details that you can find on the online shop. By reading this datasheet, everyone can know the distinctive features of a product.

In general, 7camicie identifies the strength points of a quality product in the following features:

Elastic armhole, for a garment that can resist friction; resistant buttons, to ensure the quality of production over time; comfortable fabric, for the greatest freedom of movement and pleasure on the skin; vivid colours, never fading, to avoid the unpleasant effect of something “old”.

7camicie introduces you in the world of quality with the following proposals: Marco Polo Coral Red and Brown, Linda Champagne and Francesco Green.

Marco Polo Coral Red and Brown: shirt for man with trendy style, slim fit and long sleeve. Red colour with black stripe line design and a pure cotton satin fabric.2 buttons button down double collar for a strong and self-motivated man.

Linda Champagne: shirt for woman, sportswear style and slim fit. White full colour in pure cotton satin and long sleeve. 2 buttons Italian collar and classic style but never old-fashioned.

Francesco Green: shirt for kids, with fashion style, regular fit and long sleeve with black cufflink and internal part of the buttoning, in contrast with the green of the garment. Pure cotton poplin and a unique style, since childhood!

Don’t be caught unaware! Recognize a high quality item through its technical features that you can find in our online shop.

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