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Although the use of the shirt took hold since the beginning of the twentieth century, its originality was noted especially among the forties and sixties, when even Hollywood actors could not resist the charm of the new tissues (such as rayon) and of the bright colors proposed by the most eccentric designers of that time.

Beach Boys, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and even a young and beloved Elvis Presley. Everybody was instantly conquered by this practical and original garment and contributed to the undisputed success that it still has today.

Among the many representatives of the music and the cinema of that time, it was Elvis, the King of Rock, to make the shirt his hallmark. No matter that it was for business or leisure, Elvis was almost always photographed wearing a shirt: classic or casual for his film performances, eccentric and eye-catcher for his concerts. Perhaps it was this not shown off way of dressing, in a certain sense close to the common man, that made him one of the most beloved stars of his and our time.

Even7camicie feels to be close to the common man, to his tastes and his daily eccentricities. For this tribute to Elvis Presley and his uniqueness, 7camicie proposes 3 models with a completely different style: Leonardo light brown, Vesuvio striped and the unique Leonardo purple and acid yellow.

Leonardo light brown: button-down shirt with a sporty style, slim cut, long sleeves with cashmere cuffs and a light and dark brown pattern along the whole garment. For sporty people who do not renounce to the daily classic elegance.

Vesuvio striped: fashion style, slim cut, pure cotton firm satin, 2 button-down buttons on a triple collar and a red and white striped pattern that makes it the right choice for those who want to give originality to the everyday look.

Leonardo purple and acid yellow: shirt with a slim cut and a sporty line, short sleeves, pure cotton in poplin, color shades of purple and a pattern with bright contrasts of color all-over the garment, which remind to the Hawaiian style of the shirts used by surfers in vogue in the '50s and' 60s. For a Sunday to the sea, a different day or informal and funny occasions.

Paraphrasing Elvis, “Always do something worth remembering”, choose 7camicie!

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