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Adding a touch of elegance to men's clothing, the cufflinks for men are accessories suitable for a formal style that does not turn its nose up at a touch of impeccable originality. Used to fasten the cuffs of shirts with French cuffs, these cufflinks for shirts were spread in the nineteenth century for the need to close the cuffs with something that was more solid than button and buttonhole. The shirt with cufflinks is considered a refined garment not commonly used. Perfect decorations to go with a tuxedo or for an important ceremony, there are shirt cufflinks of different shapes and materials.

With Italian collar and one button and with a wide collar stand and a smooth buttoning without any box pleat, the shirt with cufflinks Romeo is a sophisticated garment with classic and elegant lines. With cuffs suitable for the use of cufflinks, it is able to give a unique look without comparisons.

In a precious satin tissue for unparalleled comfort and resistance, the shirt Milano  of the 7camicie collection expresses maximum elegance and is ideal in the combination with suits and tuxedos. Perfect for a gala evening or for an important occasion, it can be accompanied by refined cufflinks for men that enhance its finesse and style.

Wearing shirt cufflinks is not only a purely stylistic matter, but also a cultural issue. Used for centuries in the UK, they are today brought to the fashion forefront. Even if in the past this accessory was worn only in the high society, today the situation is changing and it is possible to find shirt cufflinks of all the sizes, prices and materials.

But what are the most used models?

Those with a knot in tissue are coloured and less formal, adapting to an even more dynamic look. The torpedo cufflinks are the most common ones: composed by a decorative part and an easy to use clip. The simples ones are the bar cufflinks, they have two decorative faces in metal with fixed ends. The chain cufflinks are certainly the most elegant choice, and are particularly indicated for the tuxedo.

In wood, fabric, metal, ceramic or glass, the cufflinks are important accessories that are slowly reappearing on the fashion scene.

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