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Summer is coming and even if we do not realize it, much of the heat we feel depends on the material of our clothes. Composed mostly of cellulose, linen is the oldest and most used textile fibre in the world. Used in the ancient Egypt and by the Phoenicians, this tissue has had an incredible development since its introduction into Europe. With a high moisture absorbing capacity and insulating and thermoregulatory properties, the linen shirts can be worn in an impeccable way during the beautiful season.

The Leonardo linen shirt of the 7camicie collection is a garment suitable for every moment of the day. The modern button down collar with two buttons gives this garment a contemporary and original touch. Used for a work appointment, in the free time and in all the informal occasions, this linen shirt boasts an excellent finishing in the refinement and maximum attention to details.

An original garment with a thousand facets, this is what wearing a Leonardo linen shirt means. The long and high collar leaf with a wide collar stand, the finishing and the delicate colours of the model, make this linen shirt a garment with a classic and revolutionary design at the same time. The short sleeve makes it perfect for the beautiful season and for original and attractive combinations, for a day of work or for the free time.

Wear the linen shirts as you prefer; combine them with a pair of jeans or with a trousers in tissue, combine them with bermudas or sporty shoes, wear them on a short-sleeved t-shirt or with rolled up sleeves: the linen shirt men is the garment you were waiting for. The perfect garment for the man who loves comfort and a modern and versatile style, these shirts are the result of one of the best tailoring schools and are able to overcome the classic patterns of the modern clothing characteristics and limits.

Dressing with taste and originality are the keys of success and the linen shirt men is what you need to give a breath of fresh air and of elegance to your summer look.

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