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button down shirts


7camicie has always enjoyed studying new options, such as accessories, fabrics and fashions, in order to provide its customers with the best shirt for every occasion.

Among the significant details, it is really important to choose the type of collar.

Today 7camicie is introducing to you the button-down collar.

The button-down collar was born in the early years of the twentieth century, and was inspired by the polo players who wore soft collar fastened with buttons, in order to prevent the collar from fluttering during the match; in the same period, the interesting solution was adopted also for shirts and, over time, several models have been created that make the button-down collar ideal for many occasions.

Here there are the proposals from 7camicie with a button-down collar.

The model Roma boasts a fashion style combined with a button-down collar with 2 buttons and a sail; also the series Colosseo maintains the same style, with a 3 buttons button-down and double collar with two sails.

Always keeping a fashion style, 7camicie offers two other models with button-down collar:  Donatello, with a button and two sails, and Marco Polo with 2 buttons and double collar with two sails.

In the enormous variety of button-down collars offered by 7camicie, there is room also for the model  Vesuvio, who has a collar with 2 buttons and triple collar.

Otherwise, for those who want a sportswear-style shirt with a button-down collar, the best choice is the model Leonardo, a line with a button and a sail.  

The proposal is up to us, and the choice is up to you… which is the most suitable button-down model for you? 

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