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Among the accessories we can use for embellishing our shirts, at the first place we can find the cuff links.

The origins of this accessory are lost in the history and go hand in hand with the introduction of the buttons in clothing. Originally, buttons had a purely decorative aim and their function was instead performed by laces, straps and hooks of different shapes.

Later, in the 13th century, tailors had a brilliant intuition.

Why not replacing the various laces, hooks and ribbons with a more elegant button?

The real boom was registered in 1600 in Britain, when jewelers started to support the tailors in order to create the first models of cuff links, which almost immediately became a symbol of social recognition, used by the nobility of that time in every occasion in which it was necessary to show off a sort of richness.

In 1700, this fashion spread to France too, where, for the first time in 1788, the term “wrist cufflink” was adopted and this accessory started to be considered as an essential tool for showing people’s social status at Versailles’ court.

If over the years the cuff link remained an accessory which was a prerogative of the richest social classes, after the Industrial Revolution its production costs started to decrease; however, its use downsized considerably, since it became the accessory that people showed off only during parties or ceremonies of the wealthiest classes.

In the 80s, the turning point which has brought us until the present day: some great Italian and foreign designers decided to propose the cufflink when using formal shirts, but also with casual clothing and sportswear, broadening the number of people that could finally show off this stylish accessory!

What are you waiting for to combine a cufflink to your favorite 7camicie shirt?

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