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7camicie is well-known throughout the world for its multicultural values ​​underlying the company mission. In a period in which globalization has a considerable influence on the markets, 7camicie once again proves to be a dynamic reality for its relationship with the customers and for the launch of its products on new markets.

From this premise we assist to the creation of a new 7camiciesales point in afranchising formula in the shining Lille, a city located in the northern France and famous worldwide for the architectural magnificence of the ancient era. It is the county seat of the northern region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, it lies on the border with Belgium and it has naturally multicultural demographic traits.

Inside the shopping centreLES TANNEURS, located at number 80 of Rue de Paris, in the city of Lille, there is a new 7camicie store, totally in style with the layout of the company: the intense colours of black and red mix, in captivating sobriety, with the rainbow of colours offered by the brand's collections.

Shirts, ties and accessories from the classical style are assorted with the latest and colourful products, continuously updated and revised in order to offer to the customers always the “latest generation” itemsfor style, colour and, above all, quality.

If you are in France, do not miss the chance to enter our store in Lille and admire all the collections of the brand.

To receive more information about the store and to stay always up to date on the news, see the Facebook page of the new store in France, clicking on 7camicie Lille.

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