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The new shirts of the woman collection proposed by 7camicie are designed to enhance the woman beauty and realized with a refined style, perfect for every woman, respecting their own tastes.

7camicie has designed a new collection choosing a particular fabric that was invented by a woman and brings the name of the French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante: Georgette, a sheer, lightweight, plain weave fabric.

Let’s see some of the fantastic shirts of georgette collection:

SHIRT GIULIETTA RED BORDEAUX: the shirt Giulietta shows a warm and passionate colour, the Bordeaux red. The peculiarity of this item is the double rouche with a fine spotted hem, the same pattern of the internal part of the collar and cuffs. Soft collar and tone on tone nacre button for a glamour shirt which is at the same time romantic and determined.

SHIRT LUCREZIA ANTIQUE PINK: a romantic and fashionable style for the shirt Lucrezia. Antique pink and charming details like the Korean rounded collar with bow, to show femininity extraordinarily. The buttoning ribbon and the cut under breast permit a perfect fit.

SHIRT GIULIETTA IVORY: the shirt Giulietta ivory is made of soft and lightweight georgette fabric. It shows welt pockets with ton on ton button and Italian collar with one button. Long sleeve with ribbon and button. Regular fit for a classic style renewed by 7camicie.

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