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Have you ever wondered which are the names of the parts of the shirt? The quality shirt is the result of a long and skilful craftsmanship, that puts all the parts together to create a garment with a perfect fit and exceptional finish.

COLLAR: The collar varies depending on the style and the pattern of the shirt. Among the best known we remember the Italian, French, button-down, Korean, ceremony collar.

POCKET: usually sewn on the left side of the frontal part. It is typical of casual and sporty shirts.

BOX PLEAT: band on which the buttonholes are cut. In the elegant shirts it usually doesn’t appear while in the casual ones it is clearly visible.

BUTTONS: in the elegant shirts they are a sign of quality and they could be made of nacre, with a thickness of 2/3 millimetres.

ARMHOLES: point in which the sleeve is inserted, reinforced in the quality shirt.

CUFF: even the cuff varies depending on the model. Sporty shirt, straight cuff. Classic shirt, round cuff, or with cut off tips.

YOKE: part that covers the shoulders. In the elegant shirt it is often sewn separately, with a double fabric.

HIPS: the quality shirt will have along the sides a high number of seams, for example, for example 8/9 stitches per centimetre.

BOX PLEAT AND BACK: back part which varies according to the shirt model to ensure the perfect fit.

PATCH: little triangle of tissue sewn between the back part and the front part of the shirt to reinforce the seams.

HEM: finishing made on the bottom of the shirt.

Now that you have discovered something more about the parts of the shirt you can certainly appreciate even more a quality shirt such as that of 7camicie!

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