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The term "camicia" seems to have been already used at the beginning of the seventh century in the testament of the Patriarch Fortunato to his believers, where he talks about camisas et bragas. Despite its birth is rather ancient, the importance of this garment grew in the Baroque period when, for the first time, the tie was invented, almost immediately adopted by Parisians as a style model.

With the passage of time, the shirt became a symbol of masculine elegance, a language of non-verbal expression, attentive to the fashion of the moment and to the social context, to the cut, to the finishing and to the fit.

The slim fit shirt for men, for example, is part of that modern and young cut with a shape that is definitely moulded on the body, almost tight. The slim shirts for men can be worn both inside and outside the trousers,  while the particular cut of the sleeve highlights the biceps.

The Dark Rock shirt or the Roma Oxford one of the 7camicie collection have certainly a slim fit, suitable for a slim shape, typical of the slim fit shirts that, unlike the longest and most comfortable "Hawaiian" type shirts, are never excessively long.

Ideal for a modern style, the slim fit shirts are perfect for every occasion, from the free time to the daily life, ensuring the man who wears them a slim fit and in step with the times.

To complete the panorama of a shirt fit, opposing to the slim fit shirt model, there are two completely different models for the fit: the classic, formal and rather large, to be worn under a jacket, and the regular, tighter and easily adaptable to every style.

What in the past was a garment to be worn in the privacy of people’s rooms or under any jacket, today is  an icon of style, symbol of elegance and class.

Whatever shirt you decide to wear, the modern slim fit shirt for men, the regular or classic cut, no matter: this garment is a master key for every occasion, a certainly essential garment for men.

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