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It’s one of the most magical moments of the year, it’s long-awaited and welcomed with great preparations and rituals varying around the world. We are talking about the New Year’s Eve, the night between the last year and the new one, full of expectations, plans, dreams and hopes.For this reason everybody tries to be ready and prepared to enjoy this fantastic event.

7camicie takes care of its customers proposing a brilliant glamour look to be cool and unique, thanks to these three shirts that can’t go unnoticed.

SHIRT DONATELLO RED: button-down double collar shirt that can’t miss in your wardrobe, a garment that surprises both in the interior and the exterior parts: the red, colour of passion, courage and abundance, is perfect with the geometrical pattern of the interior part, resembling the fireworks of these days.

SHIRT LEONARDO DK WINE RED: elegant and refined style for this one button, button downslim shirt, with a Jacquard fantasy in the shades of prune and wine red for those who want to amaze in this unforgettable day.

SHIRT FIRENZE LILAC:Classic style for those who love light, pale, refined colours like this lilac. The shirt shows a French button and a structured fabric. A touch of elegance that doesn't go unnoticed.

You can count on the fashion advice of 7camicie sartorial tradition, a guarantee and a new important ritual for your New Year’s!

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