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The classic style never dies. For 7camicie, classic is synonymous with white shirt: a versatile and democratic evergreen, and a must-to-have in the wardrobe of men and women. It doesn’t matter if you wear it in the evening as Italians do, or during the day, at work, as the English people do. This indispensable classic garment will always know how to enhance your clothing and astonish you with its versatility.

Not always the white shirt was, however, accessible to the common man: in the past, in fact, it was considered a status symbol of nobility, accessible only to those who could afford to change their garments several times a day. To solve the problem of daily washing, always in the past, they invented a model of white shirt that included the removal of the collar and the cuffs, to allow their separate washing.

Thanks to 7camicie, today it is possible to live again the emotion of the white shirt even every day, thanks to its impeccable wearability and to its always refined fabrics. Here you have some suggestions:

For Him: Firenze White and Romeo White

Firenze White: fashion style and slim cut, pure cotton in firm satin, Italian collar with 1 button and buttoning all over the length, and cuffs and collar with a cashmere pattern. Florence is expressed by a classically modern garment that responds to every demand of the market: from elegant black trousers to jeans with a basic line

Romeo White: classic style and slim cut. Pure cotton in firm satin and Italian collar with 1 button and buttoning all over the length. A bright and seductivewhite, perfect for the man who pursue his lady as the most classical lover.

For Her: Silvia White and Giulietta White

Silvia White: fashion style accentuated by the slim cut that enhances the silhouette, pure cotton in firm satin with button-down collar with two buttons. Long sleeves with cuff in tartan, also present inside the collar and the buttoning. For a woman who brings elegance with a touch of personal class.

Giulietta White: in every love story worthy of respect, every Romeo has his Juliet. For this 7camicie presents Giulietta White. A model with fashion style and regular fit, georgette fabric and long sleeves. Italian collar with one button and decorative studs on the pocket and on the collar that provide an unforgettable contrast.

P.S. Don’t forget to buy a model for the dinner jacket… 7camicie is always here for you!

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